A Colourful Collaboration: Gwyneth's Statement Necklace

Gwyneth has been with me since the start : she came to my 2010 Website Launch Catwalk Show at Maryville House in Belfast with my good friend Claire and has been ordering bespoke pieces ever since. This is her latest - doesn't she look just fabulous?!

Gwyneth loves colour and she commissioned this statement piece to match her gorgeous bright green & bright pink trousers. She sent me these super kind testimonials:
"Melanie I love it! Thank you so much, you are so incredibly talented!..."  "...necklace had its first outing today- was speaking... [at a work event]... and felt so good wearing it with the green trousers! Lots of comments..."
Wow. This is why I do what I do, and to have such a lovely stylish lady like Gwyneth trust me to create something like this is very special. She very kindly called at my Dromore boutique last week and left with a colourful purchase. Without faithful customers like Gwyneth, there would be no Melanie Bond Boutique. Thank you for all your support.

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